Morning Light Foundation

Skin protector.
Light diffusing properties giving a younger looking skin texture.
UVA & UVB filters.
Flexibility of cover.
Smooth texture.
Easy to apply.
Helps to protect against free radicals that age and damage the skin.
  • Details

    propylene glycol - helps to retain moisture levels within the skin.
    mica + barium sulphate + titanium dioxide - light scattering complex containing pigments that diffuse the light on the
    complexion and minimise the visibility of wrinkles.
    avocado oil - plant oil rich in moisturising ingredients.
    wheat germ oil - protective plant oil that combats irritation and contains Vitamin E.
    aloe vera - plant extract that is both healing and soothing.
    benzophenone 3* - broad spectrum UV filter.
    (*This filter offers a sun protection factor of 6.3 and contains both UVA & UVB filters).